DIY coffee table centerpiece

DIY Holiday Coffee Table Centerpiece

Happy Weekend, friends! Today I wanted to share with you a super simple DIY holiday centerpiece that I made a few weeks back. There is something about creating your own home decor that is so fun and satisfying. What I love about this centerpiece is that you can use materials that are budget friendly aaaaand it’s versatile enough to be transformed into an all year round centerpiece.

The materials you will need to make this centerpiece for the holidays are as follows:

A box to contain your centerpiece: It can be as big or as small as you want but should be at least an inch tall

Three candle holders: I suggest using ones that are different heights because it gives your piece some dimension.

Three candles: I picked white candles all of the same height. But you can use any colors you would like and of varying heights, if you like that better!

Ornaments: I chose to use smaller gold and silver ornaments because I was going for a small and delicate appearance.

 Pinecones: These are optional but I thought it added just a little extra appeal!

 Some greenery: I chose some artificial pine branches to add a little bit of nature into the whole design.

Putting it Together

Put the candles in their glass holders and then arrange them in the center of your box. Then place your greenery all around them. I seriously just placed the branches any which way in between the candles and made sure there weren’t any awkward bald spots or anything. After that, I placed all of my pine cones next. They can also be used to help cover up a few of those holes as well. And last but not least were the ornaments. I just placed them in whatever I thought was a cute manner.

Budget-Friendly Alternatives

I picked up all of these items at Michael’s a few weeks ago when all their Christmas items were 50% off. You can find all these items at craft stores or your local Walmart or Target. But I have a few other places you can check out to see if you can save some extra $$.

Check your local Goodwill, Salvation Army or any other secondhand store for some of your items. I have seen several wooden boxes on their shelves before! As for the candles and glass jars, I have seen simple ones at the dollar store that would do just fine. They even have small Christmas ornaments there this time of year for just a dollar!

And for the pine cones and greenery, you could totally walk outside and grab a few from Mother Nature if you live in an area with pine trees 😀 And I bet the natural ones would make the whole piece smell amazing!

And there you have it! The cutest DIY holiday centerpiece that is both budget-friendly and versatile. Now…how can you use this centerpiece all year round? Easy!

After the holidays are over, you can use craft sand around your candles instead of all the greenery and some smooth stones to make a little zen garden. Maybe fill your glasses halfway with water and then have some tea light candles floating in them. That would be an adorable centerpiece for spring!

In summer, you could use light blue candles and some sunflowers in the box to make for some cute summer vibes.

For fall, maybe add some leaves, a tiny pumpkin, and some acorns!

You can use all of these pieces (along with a few choice accents) to make your coffee table look cute all year round. You can make it look any way you like without spending too much money on decor.

Every time I look at this centerpiece, it makes me so happy. Not only is it adorable and a perfect addition to my holiday decor. I’m also happy because I have the satisfaction of knowing I made it. You don’t have to be a super crafty or artistic person to replicate this piece. I didn’t have any particular technique when putting it together. I just fiddled with the pieces until it looked just right.


And this is the finished product! I hope you enjoyed this DIY blog post because I had so much fun writing it because I got to share something I created with all of you. Let me know what you think about this piece in the comments below!


XOXO, Czerina


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