How to Find Your Individual Style

The inspiration for this post comes from a conversation I had with a few of my girlfriends a little while ago. “What is my style and how do I buy clothes that fit that style?” In high school, everyone wanted to be trendy and wear the coolest clothes. When you go to college, you realize that some of the brands that you HAD TO HAVE in high school no longer apply and you start to develop your own sense of style. The only problem with developing your style then is the college budget…or lack thereof if we are being honest. And now you’re graduating college or have been out in the world for a few years and you realize that you aren’t exactly sure what your sense of style should be.

So how do you actually go about finding your individual style? I’ve decided to share my tips in this department because let’s face it, I am on the same journey as you! Between the constant grind of nursing school and my preference for comfort over style, I neglected my own wardrobe since graduation. Now that I am working full time and have graduate school, I either lived in my work scrubs or some variation of leggings, sweaters, and cardigans.

I find myself digging through my clean clothes for only specific outfits and only wanting to wear them in certain combinations. Is this all starting to sound familiar? Yeah, I thought so. Keep reading to learn more about how to maximize the use of your entire closet and keep your style fresh and authentic!

Style vs Fashion

First, let’s talk about the difference between style and fashion. Think of fashion as the clothing that is “trendy” or “cool” this season. Fashion changes quickly. What was fashionable last spring won’t necessarily apply to this one. Style, on the other hand, is individualized and unique to you. It is what you choose to buy and wear either because of or despite what is in fashion at the time. Your style is a material reflection of your personality or at least what you choose to show to the world.

Seek Inspiration

When you have no idea what your style is, look for inspiration. I seriously have no idea what life was like before Pinterest! Can you? It has been a serious lifesaver and perfect for any sort of inspiration we need whether its for crafting and DIY projects, home decor or fashion. I personally have two separate boards for all of my outfit inspo: Fall and Winter Style and Spring and Summer Style.

Clean out your closet

Seriously, everyone, this is HUGE for many reasons. You may find some hidden gems that you loved in the past. I personally love mixing some of my old stuff with some new pieces to create a whole new way to wear an outfit.

Also, get rid of the things that don’t fit your style anymore. They will just be taking up space in your closet that you could use for clothing that you would actually wear. Sell them to a consignment shop or give them away to the needy. Don’t hold on to pieces for no reason.

 Stay true to you. Be authentic

Ever had buyer’s regret? I sure have. I’ve spent money on an outfit that I thought was so trendy or cute at the time only to leave it hanging in my closet because it wasn’t “me.” Are you a girl that can rock different types of outfits? Me too! Sometimes I love wearing little rompers and dresses while other times I wear a leather jacket and combat boots. That’s totally okay. There isn’t a rule that says you can only wear boho-chic or preppy outfits. As long as you feel good, you’ll look good. Just don’t forget to be yourself.

Accessories can tie your whole outfit together

This is advice that I honestly need to remember to follow sometimes. I tend to spend more time looking at clothes when I should really spend some time looking at more accessories. Accessories really can add that little extra “something” that your outfit needs to really be put together. Pick out some nice statement jewelry that is versatile for different outfits. Or find a cute purse that is perfect for more than one outfit. Accessories isn’t just jewelry. It’s hats, scarves, purses, and everything in between.

Find the pattern in your choice of outfits

Still lost in figuring out what your style is? Think back to all those times that you were given a compliment on your appearance. Did you feel like you could #runtheworld in that outfit? Then its definitely a part of your style.

Be creative

Do you have that particular skirt in your closet that you want to throw out because you don’t know how to wear it? Check out Pinterest for some inspiration on how to wear it.


The number one takeaway, is you have to be yourself. If you want to stop digging in your closet for those few choice items, purchase items that fit your style. I know it can be hard to see the hottest trends and not buy them. Just ask yourself if the item you are purchasing will actually be something you’ll still wear in a year once it is out of fashion. Because style is timeless. Fashion is not.

Check out Spring 2018 Style Trends if you need more outfit inspiration as we head into spring and summer! I would describe my style as classy, comfortable, feminine, and fun! How would you describe your own style? Leave your comments below!



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  1. This such a great post and the perfect tips to finding individual style!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Czerina says:

      Thank you! I appreciate your comment very much!

  2. I love utilizing Pinterest for outfit ideas!

    1. Czerina says:

      Me, too! It’s literally the best thing ever!

  3. Decluttering is huge for me! I have so many clothes and often wear the same things over and over again when I can’t find things

    1. Czerina says:

      I agree. I’m actually planning on cleaning out my whole closet and taking everything to Goodwill!

  4. I love this post! It took me FOREVER to even get a sense of what my style is, and I’m still working on finding myself. I feel like I have 2-3 different styles that contradict themselves a bit, so I’m still trying to figure it all out!

    1. Czerina says:

      Each of those styles is a reflection on a part of you. I have a cute/romantic side, a comfy and casual side, and a trendy/edgy side! But it’s all still me ?

  5. “Style, on the other hand, is individualized and unique to you.” Great way to put it.

    1. Czerina says:

      Thank you! No one will have the same style as you.

  6. Great post and it’s so true to stay true to your own style.

    1. Czerina says:

      100% the most important takeaway!

  7. You have inspired me! I will clean out tomorrow!

    1. Czerina says:

      Yessss! I’m working on emptying out my entire closet. I’m a very visual person so if I see how little clothes I actually wear, it’ll encourage to start buying more of the right pieces!

  8. This is awesome! I loved all your tips. It is so important to be creative but to never change you. I loved that you recommended cleaning out the closet, because that is so important!

    1. Czerina says:

      It is very important! I’m actually doing a major closet haul this weekend to get rid of a lot of things!

  9. I feel like I am in the never ending search to find my style. I finally did a big clean out of my closet and now I’m slowly adding only things that make me really happy.

    1. Czerina says:

      I think that’s the best way in my opinion! Seeing how empty your closet is really encourages you to pick better pieces for it. What pieces make you happy?

  10. At 47, I’ve just begun to realize that it’s ok that my “style” is relaxed-weekend vibe 7 days a week. For years, I judged my appearance according to the current “fashions”, and felt like a failure as a woman. It has only been recent that I embrace my “style”, and now I build my wardrobe including accessories around that.

    1. Czerina says:

      Embracing your own personal style is the most important thing! I definitely agree that it can be discouraging if you’re not following the latest trends but it’s just a waste of money if you don’t wear it often!

  11. Great post. Love the style vs fashion example. Yes, pinterest is a must need for re-styling staple pieces you can’t live without.

    1. Czerina says:

      I 100% agree. What did we do before Pinterest?!

  12. So good–thank you for sharing! I love the style of your blog as well! Keep crushin it girl!

    1. Czerina says:

      Thank you! I’m definitely trying to get into the hang of things ?

  13. Pinterest is the best for style boards! I’d be lost without it too.

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