Liebster Award Nomination

Hey, everyone! I am so so so excited to announce that I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by The Happiness Agreement! I have only been seriously blogging for almost two months now and it feels so good to be recognized for all my hard work.  This means a lot to me, especially now because of how challenging it has been to balance work, graduate, school, social life, and blogging. This nomination has helped me to realize that I am on the right path and that I am getting somewhere. Plus I am getting to do what I love!

The Liebster Award is an award nomination for bloggers to celebrate and recognize other bloggers. We spend so much time doing research, taking and editing photos and engaging with others on social media. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes and it’s such a good feeling to be recognized for it!

I think this award is a great idea. It’s a way to build relationships with other bloggers and build up this incredibly supporting blogging community.

Here are the rules once you are  nominated:

Acknowledge the blog that gave it to you (The Happiness Agreement is seriously so awesome and sweet for thinking of me. Thank you!)

Answer 11 questions that blogger gives you

Give 11 random facts about yourself

Nominate 11 blogs and notify them of their nominations

Give those nominees 11 questions to answer

These are the 11 questions posed to me with my answers!

When did you start your blogging journey?

I started my blogging journey several years ago without even really knowing it. A friend and I started following other bloggers on Instagram and reading their blog posts. I loved their energy and how they turned blogging into a creative outlet of expression for themselves. I wanted that as well. I graduated with Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing in May of 2015 and I found myself with a lot of free time but no hobbies to fill it.  I didn’t actively decide to start blogging until almost three years later when I decided that I should try blogging myself.  January 2018 was the start of a new year and was a perfect time to start a new hobby! This was when I started seriously writing blog post drafts and trying to figure out what kind of blog I wanted to create.  After a month of research, preparation and soul-searching, I officially launched my blog on Feburary 5th, 2018!

How did you land on the focus and purpose of your blog?

I initially decided that I wanted to create a millennial lifestyle blog. I was born in the millennial generation and I love the versatility of these types of blogs because each blogger’s life is unique to them. One lifestyle blog is different from every other blog you come across purely because of the person behind it.  I figured that I could create a space where I could write about my life in a way that others could connect with.  I also love all things makeup and beauty and want to share that love with other women out there!

From high school to college, and now to post-undergrad life, I have grown up to be strong, independent, and most of all…happy! I am working on trying to figure out how to be an adult and how to develop my own sense of style. Can anyone else relate?

The purpose of my blog is to help other women strive to be the best and most authentic versions of themselves. I want to encourage women and help them find their own individual style in every aspect of their life. This is my purpose and my goal because every woman deserves to be empowered. Girls break each other down. Women build each other up.

Where do you go to write?

I live with my parents, three siblings, and two dogs. With all the chaos in the house, my room is my sanctuary. However, sometimes I like to write in coffee shops and restaurants. Isn’t people watching fun?

What practices do you put in place to prevent burnout and maintain wellness?

I’m not going to lie. It can be incredibly challenging to balance all aspects of my life and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Working 12-hour shifts as a nurse can be incredibly draining. You go to work while its dark out and then it is getting dark again when I leave to go home. The key to balancing my life is planning. I like to plan out my blog posts a month in advance so that I can write them in between working at the hospital and writing papers for graduate school. My planner is my life. In order to prevent burnout, I make sure to schedule myself some “me time” where I can sit at a coffee shop and read, go shopping, take a nap, or whatever else I want to do.

As for maintaining wellness, I also have to plan when I hit the gym. I also have a few girlfriends who are working to better their lifestyles so we support each other in the gym. Whether we go to workout classes together or we just talking about what we did that week, it helps to keep us accountable. It also reminds us that we aren’t alone in this.

What is a happy memory you will never forget?

A happy memory is a day I graduated from college with my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. It was an important milestone in my life and I was incredibly excited to start on my journey to becoming a pediatric nurse. I can’t even describe the feeling I had to see my immigrant parents watching me from the stands as I walked across that stage. They gave up everything and worked countless hours to ensure that my sisters and I have everything we need.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to your 12-year-old self?

My advice would be to become the best version of yourself and to not let other people dictate your happiness. I would also say that it is better to have a few friends who would do anything for you then to have many friends who don’t make you a priority or love you in the way that you need and deserve.

Where would you recommend traveling to, and why?

I would definitely recommend everyone to visit the Philippines. That was where I was born and where my family comes from. The culture is amazing and all the people are so nice. The views are absolutely breathtaking! We have beautiful mountain ranges, rice terraces, gorgeous beaches and everything in between.

The best book you’ve read lately, and why.

So I may not have mentioned this before, but I am a huge fantasy fiction reader. I especially love anything with magic and fairies and strong heroines as the main character. One of my dreams is to have a big house with a beautiful floor to ceiling library with the rolling ladder. As for my recent favorite series, A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sara J Maas is definitely a must!

What’s next on the bucket list?

I have a family cruise planned for May 2018 to the Caribbean. But as for my personal bucket list, I’m hoping that a trip to Colorado will be in my future this year!

Who is a motivational person (celebrity or non-) to you, and why?

While I have several motivational people in my life, I think my mother would have to be my biggest motivational person. She is such a strong woman and she has done everything and more to ensure that my dad, siblings and I were taken care of growing up. While my dad was at work, my mother ran the household, raised my sisters and I, went to school, and worked a full-time job herself. She has always put her family first and has worked tirelessly all the years. She thinks that I haven’t noticed but I have. That’s why I hope to be at least half the mother and wife that she was.

What’s your next big goal for your blog?

My next big goal for my blog is to be more consistent. I overestimated myself and thought I could write 2 posts a week all the while working full time and grad school part-time.  I hope to post at least once a week on topics that I love!

11 Random Facts About Me

  1. My driver’s license says that I am 5″1′ but I’m really 5″ 3/4′.
  2. Island girl at heart here! I prefer the sun and the sand than the cold and the snow.
  3. I love to nap and watch Netflix.
  4. I don’t have a favorite color but I love bright, happy colors.
  5. Traveling has become my passion over the last few years. I want to see everything and experience everything that I can.
  6. I am a romantic at heart. I blame it on all the books that I read. 🙂
  7. I am a sucker for all murder mystery/crime tv shows. Luckily, Netflix hasn’t failed me yet.
  8. I love vanilla ice cream over chocolate ice cream.
  9. I will eat chocolate in candy form but not chocolate in cake, brownie, cookie, or ice cream form. I’m thinking it’s a texture thing. It’s not quite the same. It’s like the chocolate has taken on an “airy” or “spongey” taste and it’s only a hint of what real chocolate tastes like.
  10. I can literally nap wherever and whenever. Put me in a car as a passenger for more than 20 minutes and I am out like a light. My boyfriend was NOT thrilled to find that out.
  11. I was born in the Philippines but raised in America. I’m a first-generation immigrant.

Check Out These Other Awesome Blogs That I’ve Found

Now that I have spoken a little bit about me and what I do, here are some lovely and talented blogger girls that I think you should check out!

  1. Emerald & Onyx: This girl is a new blogger just like me and I love her style! She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger that lives in SeaCoast, New Hampshire and I think that her site is so cute. I love that she has a fashion page specifically for trending fashion items.
  2. The Cali Cruiser: I love following her adventures in California on her Instagram page! Her feed is earthy and makes me want to visit California!
  3. The Sunkissed Peach: Okay, real talk. Mariah and her family are sooooo freakin’ adorable! I love following her and family. She has such an authentic and genuine vibe.
  4. Style That Sparkles: This girl’s fashion sense is on point! Plus the way she writes is so easy and natural. I feel like we could be friends in real life!
  5. Tyler Michelle White: I love her blog page and her Instagram feed. Her photos are gorgeous and put my own photography skills to shame. Teach me your ways!
  6. A Whole Latte Luv: Miss Natalie is another Missouri blogger just like me! I love her style and her authentic and very REAL vibe.
  7. Pearls and Prada: Miss Dani is from Leawood, Kansas City.  She is another fashion and lifestyle blogger that I love to follow on social media. Her dog is super adorable and I love her hair.
  8. One Sock Missing: Rachel is a lifestyle and beauty blogger from Texas. I love all of her makeup posts because I’m still finding out about what I love in the makeup industry. Plus she really advocates for skincare products and having a routine which I sorely need. 😀
  9. The Blonde Tonic: This girl’s Instagram feed is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! I love following her. Her blog has everything from fashion, fitness, and all things lifestyle.
  10. Style Stash: I love this girl’s bold, trendy, yet comfortable outfits. She’s a beautiful LA fashion and lifestyle blogger and she’s definitely worth checking out!
  11. Pinks and Pearls: I’ve been following this blogger for a little while now and I love her blog and her instagram feed. She is so relatable and her outfits are just too cute!

Okay Blogger Babes, Answer These 11 Questions on Your Blog!

  1. What made you decide to be a blogger?
  2. If you have $1 million dollars, what would you do with it?
  3. How did you decide on your niche?
  4. What do you like to do in your free time?
  5. How do you balance your blog and the rest of your life?
  6. What are 5 things you want to do in your life?
  7. What is your favorite dessert?
  8. If you could have one job in your life, regardless of money, what would you do?
  9.  Would you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert?
  10. Describe your ideal day.
  11. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?

Alright ladies, I am so happy to have been nominated! This nomination has only pushed me to put out better content. It has given me the confidence I need to keep going. Blogging takes a lot of work and I took a few weeks off to focus on work, school, and deciding which direction I wanted to take this blog. Now I hope to get back into it, better than ever.

Now it is your turn! Make a post saying you were nominated for the Liebster Award and follow the directions I listed above. Good luck and happy blogging!



Love, Czerina

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