The Millennial Experience

The Millennial Experience of Growing Up in Your Twenties

The Millennial Experience

Any millennials out there in their 20’s? Well keep reading because this post is for you. It’s all about the millennial experience of growing up as I see it.

After I graduated at 22, I thought I was really free. I had my degree, my career was starting and I no longer had to study for hours on end. But instead of feeling free, I felt as if I was standing on the edge of a cliff in a precarious position to fall off at any moment. The first two years after graduating from college were very much similar to falling off said cliff. You’re worried about so many things at once that you feel overwhelmed and out of control. What do you mean I have to file my own taxes? How can I stay in touch with all my college friends when everyone’s too busy or too far away to hang out? How can I improve my credit score when I have thousands of dollars in student loans? I want to eat healthy but all I can afford is a burger off the dollar menu!

You were or are thinking, “Cool, so I graduated. Now what do I do?” You start to doubt yourself as you realize that there is so much to being an adult that no one ever told us about.

Well, I was writing in my planner the other evening and making a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish this next year. As I was writing, I realized that my list of things was no longer a list of “far off dreams” but a list of “attainable realities” that I could actually achieve. I had somehow managed to transition from college graduate to working adult without even knowing it. This is all because your mid-20’s to early 30’s is all about exploration, opportunities and personal growth! What you do with those years can set the tone for the rest of your life! This is the millennial experience.

Explore Your Surroundings

Villa Escudero Philippines


Whether you’re single or in a relationship, use your newfound financial freedom to travel the world. Travel is the one hobby where the experience you pay for is richer than what you paid for it in the first place. Traveling changes a person. It raises your cultural awareness, creates once in a lifetime memories, and makes for one hell of a story.  Stop waiting for that “perfect time” to travel. Different obstacles are going to be thrown at you all the time. So buy that plane ticket and pick a spot you’ve always dreamed of traveling to.

Explore Your Own Backyard

Take the time to play tourist in your own city. Visit the new local coffee shop that opened on the corner. Visit the local farmer’s market. Find a new restaurant to try. Figuring out what you love and don’t love is one of those spices of life that makes exploring so much fun!

Your Opportunities are Endless

There are plenty of opportunities in all stages of our lives but your 20’s are the first years where you aren’t cooped up in a study hall writing flash cards and taking exams. These are the first years where you have the money and the time to actually enjoy it!

Job opportunities

Regardless of your relationship status, these years are perfect for trying to find what job suits you and your lifestyle. Sure everyone has to have that first big kid job that may or may not be your dream job down the road. But after a while, you can choose to find a new job or even relocate to a new city for a job. Find something that works for you. And if the job or career that you have isn’t what you thought it would be, then get out there and find one that you love.


Now that you’re on your own, you have the freedom to choose where you want your life to go from here! You can literally make your life to be whatever you want. Do you wanna get married, settle down, and be a stay at home mom? Go for it! You want to stay single and travel the world? That sounds like a blast! Don’t be afraid to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. After all, it’s your life. You do you.


Whether your living arrangements are #pinterestgoals or not, it’s awesome because its yours. Just don’t forget to really and truly live and not just go through life on autopilot.


Now is the time to start saving for retirement. Or don’t. It’s what you want to do. Just know that every little bit you put away now will come handy in the future. You can choose to live paycheck to paycheck if that suits your lifestyle. But I’m a saver and if I have the opportunity to ensure that I don’t become a hobo living on the side of the road, I’m definitely going to take it.

Personal Growth

This is the time where you decide WHO you want to be!

You are no longer confined to a high school or college campus with its cliques and expectations. If you like who you are now, that’s awesome! If there is something you wanna change, what are you waiting for? I know I have changed A LOT since college and I’m damn proud of myself for it. Be that person your teenage self would admire and your future self would be damn proud of.

You really can get away from the bull**** of toxic relationships

I know I used to take a lot of flack from my so-called “friends” and I put up with it for many different reasons.  Now that I am out of school and striking out on my own, I’ve learned what I want and need out of a friendship and I’ve chosen to pick quality over quantity! If you don’t like someone, drop them like a rock. You don’t deserve to be treated poorly and let’s face it. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Find friends that love you and support you.

You create your own personal style

You are more in tune with yourself now more than ever. If  you love changing your style to match the newest trends, that’s cool.  Or maybe you like a little of this or that, that’s cool too. Style is something that lasts longer than fashion does. Your style is ultimately your own. I’m still working on figuring mine out, but that’s honestly the best part!

Choose to live a healthier lifestyle

Let’s face it. We aren’t as young as we used to be and developing healthy habits is incredibly important. What you choose to do with your health today will greatly affect your health 10, 20, and even 30 years from now. I’m not saying you have to drink kale smoothies and give up pizza, just learn to love your body and respect what you put in it. Indulging once in a while is great and even necessary.

So there you have it. There isn’t a special key to becoming a stable and successful adult. You have to make the choices that you feel are best for you. This time of our lives is full of so many exciting opportunities so why not reach out and take some for yourself? Do you want to look back when you’re older and think about all the things you could have or should have done? No! You want to look back and know you lived your best life possible.

What is something you want to do in the next ten years? Leave me a comment below!

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  1. This is so awesome! Your 20s are some of the best times of your life!

    1. Czerina says:

      I’m glad you liked it!

  2. This is such a great post! I agree, your 20’s is some of the best years!

  3. Giiiiiirl! Finally a post anout something I can so relate to, something so important, a post with a message! Loved reading it honestly. Im also struggling on ome side but on the other Im excited haha. I look really forward to reading your articles as Im also into thede topics, my blog is about personal developement for women achievers. So Im really happy to connect with you! Keep on rocking! ?? Xoxo,

    1. Czerina says:

      Thanks, girl! I’m glad you were able to related to this! ??

  4. you are a very mature and smart millennial! Enjoy your 20s, darling!

    1. Czerina says:

      Thank you so much!

  5. Yes!! Finally, you’ve summed up all the feels of being an adult but not an adult adult because I can’t afford places that don’t have dollar menus lol!! Loved your post.

    1. Czerina says:

      Thank you so much! I’m glad you could related!

  6. As a millennial in my mid-20s this is so relatable!

    1. Czerina says:

      Glad to hear it! I’m hoping to do more posts like this!

  7. I have definitely already started implementing some of these strategies to enjoy my 20s. I got my own apartment and learn to enjoy being by myself which was very worth it. I am starting a retirement account, even though it seems so far off it’s better to prepare earlier. And I definitely like exploring the surrounding states and hiking and just being able to view the world around me that extends beyond my day job

    1. Czerina says:

      That’s so awesome! I think we are both on a similar path then! ?

  8. I love the one about creating your own style. I feel like I become more in tune with my self and style as I get older.

    1. Czerina says:

      Same here! I’m still working on it but i definitely feel like my style is being more the “real me”

  9. This is great! I know I have learned the most about myself and how I am and who I want to be, in my twenties. It can be scary but refreshing!

    1. Czerina says:

      Yes, so true!

  10. Awesome advice.

  11. What a well-written and inspiring post. I can definitely relate.

    1. Czerina says:

      Thank you! I’m glad you liked it. ☺️

  12. I am a junior in college! About to head over to my senior year next semester worried on what life would be like after, but this gave me so much peace!! Thank you for being such a positive breath of fresh air!

    1. Czerina says:

      You’re so welcome! You are going to LOVE life after graduation. Just make the best of it.

  13. You write so well! It felt like I was talking with a friend. There were so many pieces to this that I could relate too! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Czerina says:

      Thank you for reading! I’m glad you enjoyed it! ?☺️

  14. Stephanie Nguyen says:

    Loved reading this and I agree to all of it. 🙂

  15. I loved this! I definitely grew up big time in my twenties. I graduated from university in London at 22 and then 2 days after my grad ceremony I flew out to Canada on my own. That was 10 years ago and being on another continent away from your Family means you grow up fast! It’s been amazing here and now I live here.

    1. Czerina says:

      Wow! Thank you so much for sharing. I don’t know if I could ever move to another country all by myself. That must have been an awesome adventure!

  16. Giulia says:

    This is a very interesting post! I’m barely twenty years old but can totally relate to what you point out in this post.

    Keep up the great work! x


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