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Things to do in Nashville: Bachelorette Edition

Hey again!

I hope you all had a fantastic Labor Day weekend. I have just come back from my girl friend’s bachelorette party in Nashville, Tennessee and let me tell you… it was so much FUN! There are so many things to do in Nashville that it’s hard to cram it all into a weekend. We stayed from Friday evening to Sunday morning and I feel like I need a whole week here to really take it in! We only chose to do 4 things while in town and I wish we did more. On top of the things we did while in town, I have made sure to add a few other fun places to visit for the best Nashville bachelorette party getaway!

Lemon Laine

If you’re an essential oils lover, I highly recommend this adorable little oil bar called Lemon Laine. Their decor is Insta-worthy and the place is so stinking cute and trendy. Once you’re there, you can fill out this cute little questionnaire pictured below. My top two skin care goals were hydrating and calming and so the lady chose some oil “boosters” that target those specific goals. I think I’ve mentioned before that I have incredibly dry skin and so I was really trying to find something to negate that in my skincare routine!

Once you have gone over your questionnaire with the essential oil expert, she can pick out the oils and scents most suitable for your skin needs. Who else is a sucker for floral scents? The scents that I chose for my mixtures include lavender and jasmine! While the end product of the essential oil mixture doesn’t have a very strong scent, you can still slightly smell the lavender and jasmine. Bonus points for this place because they also gave you a complimentary glass of wine while you watched your personalized facial oil get made!

This was my finished product after the essential oil expert mixed all of the ingredients together. I was so excited to try it out that I took my makeup off when we went to the pool later that afternoon and used the oil when I redid my makeup for the evening! While I don’t have any photos of my makeup from that night, I can tell you my face never felt so smooth. It has only been 48 hours but I can already tell that my skin has been feeling more smooth and hydrated since I’ve started using it.

I think Lemon Laine is a great place to just visit with your girlfriends or for a bachelorette party. My friend, Faith, who was also the bride-to-be loved the personalized nature of the essential oil bar. The only thing I wish that could have been different is if we could have mixed the essential oils and placed them in the bottle ourselves. It would have definitely made the experience more interactive.

Five Daughter’s Bakery

The next stop we made was only a few stores down from Lemon Laine called Five Daughter’s Bakery. They had the most amazing doughnuts! There were so many different flavors to choose from and they ALL looked sooooo GOOD! After much deliberation, I settled on an orange zest-glazed croissant that was absolutely delicious. The flavor was not too strong or overpowering and the croissant itself was soft and flaky.

After an eventful afternoon of shopping and pastry eating, we decided to get some R&R at our condo’s pool for a few hours. It was nice to just kick back and relax for a while before getting ready to go out that night. After dinner at Stoney River Restaurant, we got ready to go out to Broadway! While I don’t have any good quality photos from our night on the town, I highly recommend visiting Florida Georgia Line’s Wheelhouse Bar! The music was great and the atmosphere was the perfect first stop for any bachelorette party. Some of my other favorite nightlife places from that evening included Honky Tonk Central and Coyote Ugly!

We stayed out on Broadway until the wee hours of the morning. There were so many people and places to see. It was Labor Day Weekend so things were a little more crazy than normal. Sunday morning, we decided to sleep in rather than  do any more sightseeing. While I was perfectly happy to get some extra sleep, it would have been fun to see more of Nashville. So here is a list of other places to go that I thought was definitely worth a mention!

Places to Eat

    • Josephine: American farmhouse restaurant that is perfect for brunch lovers
  • Margot Cafe: The reviews say that this cute little cafe is a mix of Italian and French influences to make it the perfect combo of classy and upscale! I’ve heard nothing but good things about this place from a few of my girlfriends!
  • Urban Grub: This restaurant offers everything from fresh seafood to steaks. It would be the perfect place to have dinner that will satisfy all palates and the woodwork detailing throughout the entire establishment is perfect for a cozy atmosphere. It even has a beer garden and an oyster bar!

Daytime Activities

  • Escape Day Spa: I’ve always wanted to have a spa day with my girls. Here you can have lunch at their cafe before or after a massage or mani/pedi with the girls. This is definitely a place I’ll wanna check out in the future!
  • Miss Fit Academy: When I heard of this place, I immediately wanted to sign up! At this academy, you and 2-14 other friends can laugh together as you try out beginner aerial silk and aerial hoop classes. I’ve seriously been dying to try out a place like this and what better place to do it than during a bachelorette party in downtown Nashville?!
  • Pedal Tavern: This activity can be perfect for day drinking or in the evening before a night on the town. Basically, you pedal around on a little cart with your closest friends all the while laughing, singing, and drinking. I saw a few of these while in town for the night and everyone on it seemed like they were having so much fun!


  • Bar hopping on Broadway: If you’re a country music lover and are dead set on hitting the best country bars, Broadway is definitely the place to go. I’ve already FGL’s Wheelhouse and Coyote Ugly above. I also spotted a huge line outside Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row. A girlfriend of mine swore up and down that she caught a glimpse of Kane Brown in the streets but we never followed up on that theory. 😛
  • The Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar: It’s a perfect place to kick back and request some of your favorite songs to be played–anything from T-Swift to Maroon 5 and the Beatles.
  • George Jones Rooftop bar: This place overlooks the beautiful Cumberland river. The view of the river is just as stunning as the view of the Nashville skyline. You can get both here!

For more bachelorette party ideas, I have the perfect website for you! Check out the Nashville Bachelorette Party Guide to find all of these recommendations listed above, as well as a few others that I am sure, would make any girls weekend memorable.

If you’re looking for a place to say, a great website to use is Nashville Rentals! They give you a visual snapshot of the best times to visit Nashville based on weather, availability of accommodations, and pricing of those accommodations. This guide is a complete list of all the Nashville rentals and accommodations available according to every budget.

That’s all I have for now! There is definitely so many places worth mentioning that didn’t make it into this post. Have you ever been to any of these places? What were your experiences? I definitely want to come back for another visit so if you have any other suggestions, I’ll be making a list of places that are must-sees!

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