Happy Friday, everyone!

Today is my last day off before my blog goes LIVE! Ahhhhh I’m so nervous but also super excited to put myself out there! Since I am working at the hospital all weekend (gotta love that nurse life) I decided to throw on something cute and comfy today as I run some errands. I love this top so much that I wanted it to be my very first OOTD (Outfit of the Day) post!

Kohl's Pink Lace Up Tunic

Lace Up Sweater

I’ve worn this top so much and the color is this sweet pink shade that I love! I got this top at Kohl’s this winter for under $20! I checked the site a week ago because I wanted to get this same top in a couple of different colors and they were already rolling out their spring collection!   🙁 But never fear! The lace up front is back in style and Kohl’s has several cute spring options if you’re loving the look as much as I am!

This Lace Up Tunic Hoodie has the right amount of design to make it stand out and the material is perfect for lounging around the house or even to go out and run some errands! If you are wanting the same type of design but in something a little nicer this Solid Lace Up Top would be perfect for a casual night out with friends for dinner or drinks! Both of these tops are under $25 right now if that makes a difference to you! I’m always after a good deal.


As for the jeans, I am wearing American Eagle’s High Waisted Jeggings  in black and size 04 short. While I don’t typically shop at AE often, I like their jeans because they last me a long time. I’ve had this particular pair for over a year! Also, as long as I go for the ones labeled “short,” I can just walk in and grab my size off the shelves without having to hunt and try on several different jeans until I find one that fits my short legs. Are there any other petite girls who have this problem? Lol It’s definitely a struggle to go shopping.


As for my SUPER comfy boots, these Tori Booties  from Cliffs by White Mountain! They are originally $79.00 but they are currently ON SALE which are definitely a plus IMO.

If you’re loving the top, my suggestions up top are perfect for the spring season! Winter is all about comfort and warmth and this outfit definitely takes care of that!


So there you have it, friends! Not bad for my first OOTD post. Leave me a comment below if you like what you see or have any suggestions!


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