The Perfect Pajama Sets for Fall

When my friend, Clara, sent me a link for an Australian Shepherd pajama set, I just had to get it! Only a #crazydogmom will understand my excitement. If only my pajama set had Dakota’s face on it and not just a generic Aussie…oh well! You know I’ll be wearing it constantly.  Are you looking for any cute pajama sets for fall? I definitely am!

Who else is a fan of pajamas and pajama sets? Not gonna lie, I used to wear my old t-shirts and booty shorts that I’ve been using for years. Now that I’m living on my own, I figured it was time to upgrade my night-time attire. Wearing matching or at least coordinating comfy clothes is a sign of being a real adult, right? I’d like to think so. XD

So now that I have pajama set fever, I figured I’d share some of the ones I’ve been eyeing! A few of these are just hanging out in my shopping cart just waiting for me do the deed 😀

I’m hoping that you found this post as enjoyable to peruse as it was for me to create! I have half a mind to eventually purchase every single one of these! I’m so happy to be moved out on my own (like a real adult) so now I need to buy pj’s to match this new chapter in my life. Have a great day, loves!

XoXo, Czerina


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