Somerfield Beauty Hair Mask Review

Who doesn’t love a good hair mask?! I was lucky enough to receive a hair mask sample from Somerfield Beauty in exchange for an honest review. Keep reading below to see what I thought of it!

When I was younger, my hair was smooth, silky and stick straight. And then puberty decided they were going to mess with a good thing and give me dry, coarse, and half-wavy/ half-curly hair.

Does anyone else have thick hair that takes over 12 hours to dry and then when it does actually dry it’s all puffy and coarse? I have to almost always wash my hair in the evenings, for it to be semi-dry for work the next morning. Because of this dry hair, I am always on the lookout for new hair masks to try.

This hair mask comes in a box like the one pictured above and contains three masks for three separate uses. The directions say to shampoo your hair and then gently remove excess water with your hands. Then, you are to place the cap over your head and tucking all of your hair inside the cap. There is a sticker at the bottom that can help to secure the cap to your head. Once it is secure, it is important to massage your head gently so that the cream can fully soak into the hair. This cap should be kept on for about 10-15 minutes. Afterward, remove the cap and wash your hair with warm water.

Things I liked about this hair mask cap:

  • I love the ingredients in this hair mask because they are specifically used for treating damaged hair. These ingredients include hydrolysed silk, avocado oil, jojoba seed oil, honey extract, and royal jelly extract.
  • I love the overall idea of having a mask that you can pile your hair into and leave on for a long period of time. I’ve only ever used hair masks where I’ve had to distribute the mixture with my hands.
  • The smell of this hair mask is so clean and not overpowering at all!
  • This cap left my hair soooo incredibly silky and soft. I blow dried and curled my hair for my 5 year anniversary dinner after using the hair mask and I definitely saw and felt a difference!

Things I don’t like about this hair mask cap:

  • It’s honestly rather difficult to pile up all your hair under the hair mask if your hair is past your shoulders. Hint: Something I did to make it easier (after the third attempt to tuck all hair in) was loop hair into a loose top knot.
  • The sticker on the back used to keep the cap secured to your head doesn’t stay sticky if you get it wet. I thought it would be easier to apply the mask on my hair while in the shower but I ended up getting the sticker tab wet and it didn’t stay on my head as I would I have liked. One suggestion I have Somerfield would be for them to add some elastic to the shower cap or to use a stronger adhesive to keep the cap secure.

If you are interested in putting this hair mask to the test yourself, you can check out Somerfield Beauty at their website or follow them on  Instagram @somerfieldbeauty

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