Spring 2018 Style Trends Collage

Spring 2018 Style Trends

Hey, everyone! Who all is excited for Spring to finally arrive?!

I swear this winter has felt like the longest one I have ever experienced. I told Justin that once I’m finished with my master’s degree (which is still a whole 2 years away), I might want to move someplace warm! I’ve loved visiting places such Florida, South Carolina and Louisiana. Comment below if you live in a place an island girl would love.

Anyways, I have been seeing a lot of super cute spring outfits popping up all over social media and let me tell you. I am OBSESSED! My two favorite seasons in regards to fashion is Spring and Fall. There are just so many possibilities to mix and match styles and create your own personal look.

With warmer days ahead of us, I  decided to share with you my favorite Spring 2018 Style Trends to watch for!


These distinct shoes are perfect for spring and summer! They are made for long walks on the boardwalk, shopping excursions, and brunch with your girlfriends. While I’ve never owned a pair of flats in this style, I love wearing espadrille wedges! They are perfect for any wardrobe look. For us petite girls, they give our legs the appearance of added length and their distinct style adds great texture to your outfit for a sweet and feminine look for any outfit.

Ruffled Top/Bell Sleeves

Who doesn’t love a good ruffled top? I’ve been seeing this style everywhere and I gotta say… I am so glad that ruffles are back in style. Whether you’re into bell sleeves and lots of ruffles or just small accents of ruffles, these tops are perfect. They give you a flirty or playful vibe that I love. The best thing is, depending on the type of ruffled top, they accentuate all of the curves we want to be highlighted and none of the ones we are hoping to hide. (Anyone summer body ready?) In my opinion, these tops are perfect for any woman regardless of age, size or shape!

Off the Shoulder Top

Looking for a classy look? Well the off-the-shoulder tops are back which means ladies, put on your sunscreen and show off those shoulders! Did you know there are workouts specifically for your shoulder muscles? You best believe I’ll be doing them so that I look my best in these cute tops.

Bralette and T-shirt/Tank Top Combo with Cardigan

Has anyone else seen this cute outfit combo floating around on Pinterest and Instagram? Well, they are popular for a reason. They are the perfect combination of comfort and style.  And for girls who get chilled easily in the evenings, like me, this outfit is perfect!

Tasseled Earrings

Who loves a good earring pair? I do! I am loving the tasseled earrings that are popping up all over the stores.

Rose Gold Accessories

Okay…so I am a huge sucker for anything rose gold or blush in color. From shoes to purses to accessories, I love this color!

Ultra Violet

So it’s official! Pantone has released its spring color of the year to be Ultra Violet and I am absolutely okay with that! 😀 Now I typically tend to wear more neutral colors, but I am super excited to start adding some of this color to my wardrobe.
Straw Purses and Accessories

So I have seen lots of other bloggers sharing some of their favorite straw purses and handbags and I am definitely hunting to find one of my own. I’m going on a cruise with my family in May and I need to find one ASAP! Check out some of these purses that I’ve found already. The best part is that they are all under $50!
There you have it, everyone. I’m super excited to do some shopping for my spring wardrobe! I definitely will be packing whatever I find into my suitcase for my Caribbean cruise with my family this coming May! The last cruise I went on this past winter was so much fun. If you want to read more about what a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean would be like, read all about my winter getaway here.

What trends are you most excited for? Comment down below your favorite cities to visit as well as your favorite spring 2018 style trends!

*Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. This means that at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission, if you click through and make a purchase. I want these recommendations and reviews to be useful to you so I only recommend products or services that I personally believe will add value to you!*

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  1. I live in NC and I love visiting Charlotte in the spring and summer. I also like visiting my hometown, Boston, in the fall which is the most beautiful time of the year. Looking forward to the romper trend this spring.

  2. I can’t wait for summer! I can’t stand the cold at all. Cute list and I agree with a lot of your selections. I’m loving the straw/basket purse! The round ones are adorable!

  3. Tasseled earrings and rose gold accessories are my lifeeeee. I’m really digging the whole straw purse trend, it could easily transfer into summer!



  4. Those off the shoulder tops are so cute! I need to start incorporating some shoulder strengthening moves into my workout routine. I loved visiting Miami last spring! The weather was perfect.

    Shirin | http://www.queenshirin.com

  5. I can’t wait for spring and spring outfits! I am excited to rock my straw bags, shoulder tops, and espadrilles!

  6. I LOVE your style! Those shoes are adorable. 🙂

  7. A spring trend that I’m loving is white shoes/boots — they go with everything and can easily dress up any outfit!

    Great list! x


  8. These are so cute! Love the jewelry you selected.

  9. Love the jewelry and, as a short girl, I am a huge fan of wedges! 🙂 <3

  10. Love your style and now can’t wait for summer clothes shopping!

  11. I love all your picks, especially the earrings and the wooden bags!

  12. Cute items. I love the straw purses!

  13. Gabi says:

    I’m also currently obsessed with tassel/statement earrings

    Gabi | https://never-outofstyle.com/

  14. Great beeakdown! I’m looking forward to this spring so much!

  15. My favorite spring trend is t shirt tops with a cute jacket & canvas sneakers. So simple yet so cute. Loved this post & your suggestions!

  16. I love your post! I really like how you give so many options/inspo for each trend. I’m looking so forward to wearing my off the shoulder tops. I feel like it breaks up my not summer body arms so they don’t look as terrible 🙂

  17. Great finds! I love that floral top, the tassel earrings, and the color of those Kendra scott earrings!

  18. Everything is So cute!

  19. this gets me so so excited for spring xx

  20. So many cute pieces in this, I always love a good off the shoulder top! ?

    Andrea | Trxpical Andrea

  21. Oh, I so love tassels and any tops that have ruffles ?

  22. Dalene says:

    The off-shoulders are too pretty and I’m certain you are too excited to be dressing up in such during spring. I also love the earrings lol!

  23. Very fashionable!!!??

  24. I need these fashion tips in my liiiiiife! So, I nominated your for the Liebster Award. Check out my latest post – https://thehappinessagreement.com/2018/03/18/liebster-award/. Cheers!

  25. I NEED those wedges ??? Gorgeous! And who doesn’t love some good ole rose gold!?

  26. Still trying to figure out how to pull of those tasseled earrings! They’re so dang cute!

  27. joy abou zeid says:

    Off-The-Shoulder tops are my favorites!! Lovely post xx

  28. I literally went shopping at the weekend and bought all these things. I’m now feeling very smug that I’m “on trend”!

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