Things I’m Thankful for in 2018

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


I’m currently writing this blog post from Chicago. Justin and I are celebrating the holiday with his dad and stepmom this year. This is my first time celebrating a holiday away from my family and so I have a lot of mixed feelings about being away from them.

While I am so glad to spend the holiday with Justin and his family, its bittersweet, ya know? For those of you in committed relationships, was it an adjustment when you had to start splitting time with your families for holidays?





There are so many things to be thankful for this year. I think 2018 was a very transformative year for me. I made some amazing memories and have made several new friends that I know will always have my back. I’ve also found the strength to say goodbye to toxic people in my life who did nothing but make me unhappy. I’ve grown in ways I never knew I would as well.




So without further ado, this is the 25th year I’ve spent on this earth and here are some of the things that I am thankful for this year!


  1. A warm and safe place to live: Justin and I finally made the big step and moved in together. I’m thankful that the apartment we live in is clean, quiet and in a safe neighborhood.
  2. Friendships I have made in graduate school: Grad school is definitely not a picnic especially with working full time. So I’m thankful for my girls that have kept me sane for the past year. Special shoutout to Mandy for being the best grad school bestie I could ever have. So thankful we awkwardly sat next to each other that first day of school. (Also, Happy Birthday!)
  3. Unconditional love from my dog: Dakota is seriously my favorite thing/dog/person ever. She’s so loyal and so sweet natured. She’s had difficulty adjusting to apartment life and is now afraid/protective against strangers and other dogs but we are hoping that she will get used to it eventually.
  4. Unwavering and steadfast love: Justin is seriously my rock. He can drive me nuts sometimes but he is always there for me no matter what.
  5. Coworkers that I can laugh with and depend on: I am seriously so happy being a pediatric nurse on the best unit in the best hospital in StL.  My coworkers make every day a good one regardless of how my day actually went. Those “post-shift defriefings” make the long days worth it.
  6. Slowly saving money to travel: Between living expenses and student loans, it can be difficult to save money but I’m making it work! Justin and I have been to the Caribbean with his family last January and I went on a cruise with my family in May. So thankful for those experiences.
  7. Having siblings that I can connect with: Thank goodness that we are all growing up and growing closer together. The age gaps don’t seem as big anymore and I’m thankful that we can find more things to do together now.
  8. Finding my love of blogging: So I started this blog last year but felt a little disconnected from it for a while. Recently though, I decided to narrow down my niche and I feel so much happier with my content! I can’t wait to throw myself fully into the blogging world this next year!
  9. Good state of health: So I was recently diagnosed with asthma and a vitamin D deficiency. While these have required me to make some lifestyle alterations, I am beyond thankful that these are my only medical issues!
  10. My parents and their sacrifices: I seriously would not be where I am today without them. They raised me, guided me, and did so much to ensure that my siblings and I had the opportunities that we have today. I hope to be even a fraction of the parent they were for me.
  11. Time: Like I said, I’ve spent 25 years on this earth and I make it a point to be thankful for every single day I’m here. Here’s to many more years with the people I love.
  12. The wisdom that comes with age: I believe that this year has been incredibly important for my self-growth. I’ve learned so much about myself and I couldn’t be more proud of the person that I see myself becoming.
  13. Having a job that I love: While I mentioned how amazing my coworkers are earlier, I just wanted to say just how much I absolutely adore my job. Working with kids is a dream come true and I’m so happy with the experiences and opportunities that I have at Mercy.
  14. Friends that care despite the distance: Some of my closest friends have made the move to other cities and states in the last year. It was bittersweet when they left but I’m glad to say that we are as close as ever.
  15. Thankful for YOU: Last but not least, I am so incredibly thankful for you all. My followers encourage me to keep going and let me know that you’re liking what I’m doing. With your support, I believe I can do anything and create a community of amazing everyday women.



2018 has been so good to me. Here’s to celebrating the rest of the year with the ones you love and making the best of it! What are you most thankful for this year? Let me know in the comments below!



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