The Truth About Eyelash Extensions

“Have you ever had any frustration with your natural eyelashes? I sure have. I have had a lot of people ask me about my overall experience with eyelash extensions. So today’s post is all about the truth about eyelash extensions: the good, the bad, and everything in between!

My eyelashes are naturally short and they don’t have a lot of volume to them. Even with help of mascara, they just look clumpy instead of giving me that full volumizing look. Sometimes if I wear mascara, the evidence ends up on my eyelids and ruining my eye makeup.  Has anyone else had that problem or is it just me? After a long day at the hospital,  I still often come home with raccoon eyes. And this happened even with the use of setting powder.

I have tried several different drugstore and high-end mascara products and while some worked better than others, I find that I couldn’t quite achieve the long and voluminous eyelashes that I’ve always wanted.  I tried Lash Boost by Rodan and Fields and a few other serums and they work pretty well…as long as you remember to be consistent with its application. Thanks to Pinterest, I even made my own DIY lash serum. However, I honestly was really bad at remembering to apply it every night so it didn’t work out too well.

On top of all those issues, I also have incredibly sensitive skin. At first, I thought that the skin around my eyes was drying out because of the eye products I was using. However, after seeing a dermatologist, I was diagnosed with a skin condition called lichens disease which is similar to psoriasis or eczema.

So I decided to look into getting eyelash extensions. I’ve had my extensions since September 2017 and I decided to share my experiences and what I learned with you (both the good and the bad) just in case you are trying to figure out what is best for you!

The Pros of Eyelash Extensions

  • Your eyelashes look on point.  The first time I saw myself in the mirror after I got extensions, all I could think of was “WOW!” I felt more feminine, beautiful and just more put together. It was definitely a confidence booster!


  • You get tons of compliments on your lashes.  I had sooooo many compliments when I first started getting my lashes done. I could not be any HAPPIER that they were longer, fuller, and looked natural!


  • It cuts your makeup routine in half.  If you are a busy woman on the go, this is definitely a plus!!! As a pediatric nurse working twelve-hour shifts, I especially loved getting up in the morning before work knowing that it would only take me a few minutes to get ready. That just meant I got a few extra minutes to snuggle my dog before my alarm was set to go off.


  • You hardly have to put on any makeup at all.  Do you prefer that no-makeup makeup look? I sure do. Sometimes I walk out the door after just using cleanser and moisturizer on my face. Honestly, I feel prettier with a fresh face and long lashes!


  • You don’t have to worry about ruining your mascara.  For those of you who have this problem…I felt your pain. But I am so much happier now that I don’t have to always check my reflection in every mirror I walk past.


  • It takes two seconds to brush them out every day.  Like seriously. You just brush them out with a clean eyelash wand and you are good to go!

The Cons of Eyelash Extensions

  • Cost.  Eyelashes extensions are not cheap! Semi-permanent eyelash extensions typically cost anywhere between $100-250 for a full set and $50-80 for a fill-in. While they look AH-MAZ-ING when they’re done, be prepared to spend a pretty penny on their upkeep!


  • Time commitment.  In order to get the full effect of having gorgeous lashes, they require a touch up every 2-4 weeks based on your individual lash fall out rate. Some women can go almost a month before needing a fill-in while others have to go more frequently. If you think you can make it to 1-2 appointments every month for your lashes, then definitely go for it!


  • Activity restrictions for the first 24-48 hours after application.  So this was something I never considered when I first went and got my eyelash extensions. For my studio, once you have gotten brand new eyelash extensions, you are not allowed to get them wet for 48 hours. After touch-ups, you just needed to avoid water or sweating for 24 hours. This means no sweating, no washing your face, and no washing your hair for two whole days. Now, while I won’t complain about having an excuse not to hit the gym for a day or two, you definitely have to plan your hair washing days around your eyelash appointment! You definitely don’t want to get your lashes done on “day 3 hair” only to have to wait 48 more hours to shower and wash your hair and lashes. This is speaking from my own personal experiences ?


  • The last week before you get your lashes refilled, they start to look sparse and ratty.  This is to be expected. There are some clear gel products and mascara especially formulated to be used with lash extensions that will help to keep them from looking too terrible. Your salon will have some products for you to purchase that works well with the lashes they use. These are definitely a lifesaver when you’re having a bad lash day.


  • Limitations on makeup choices.  Stylists use a special adhesive to attach your extensions to your natural lashes. They do not recommend using waterproof eye makeup or oil-based facial cleansers and makeup products.


  • If you do choose to stop wearing extensions, your lashes will look shorter and will most likely be damaged by the constant wear of having extensions.  This is VERY IMPORTANT to keep in mind. If you do change your mind down the road, I would purchase a lash serum and start applying it per its instructions a few weeks before you get your extensions removed. I also highly recommend having the stylist remove the extensions or let them fall out on their own and then continue with the lash serum. DO NOT pull them off yourself or you will make your damaged lashes look even worse.


Things to Think About

  • If you are someone who likes to wear eye makeup daily, it is definitely something to keep in mind. Even with careful makeup removal, lash extensions experience more fall out or don’t last as long when you’re messing with your eyes a lot. I didn’t realize how much I missed putting on eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara every day until I got my extensions. I still will put on my eye makeup for special occasions or when I’m going out. However, I don’t find it really worth it to wear it every day at the hospital or when I’m just running errands. My lashes give my face that subtle put together feel even when you are wearing just foundation and concealer!


  • You can’t just go every once in a while. You have to commit to going every few weeks to get them touched up. If you wait too long between refills, the stylist might have to put in a full set which costs a lot more than a fill-in. I personally love going to my appointments. I literally lay there and take a 30-45 minute nap while the stylist worked her lash magic!


  • If you are allergic to tape or adhesive, I recommend checking with a lash stylist and testing the adhesive on the skin of your arm or your cheek. The skin around your eyes is very sensitive. You don’t want to find out that you’re allergic to the adhesive in the middle of the application process.


  • I have tried using strip lashes before extensions and they are way more cost effective! If you are really good at applying these, I think these are perfect. However, no matter how much I practiced, my lashes never stayed on quite right! If you want to have gorgeous lashes without worrying if they’re falling off your face after you rubbed your eyes, I would consider extensions for sure.  If you’re interested in natural looking strip lashes,  I suggest demi lashes because they enhance your natural eye shape. I loved these Ardell Multipack Demi Wispies Fake Eyelashes when I did wear strip lashes. I was just not the best at keeping them on!



And there you have it!

It took some time to get used to my lash extensions but I am definitely in LOVE with them. Maybe one day I’ll miss putting on eye makeup and I will go back to my natural lashes.  Maybe one day my skin will stop being hypersensitive. Until then, I’m going to be happily taking a nap and waking up to gorgeous lashes once or twice a month!

If you think you want to make the switch and you’ve taken everything I’ve mentioned above into consideration, go for it! If you all ever see my Instagram stories, I don’t put on a lot of makeup and my lashes give me that subtle “Oomph” without all the hassle of makeup!

Have any of you ever had eyelash extensions? Share your experiences (good or not so good) in the comments below! Also, if you have any suggestions for strip lashes, mascaras, and lash serums, feel free to share them with everyone below. 😀

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  1. I totally agree with you. I’m unfortunately not one of the people who can go a month without a fill but… oh the confidence boost is so worth it. Still better than having some kind of pricey and unhealthy habit I guess 😀 This is “just” pricey and a soul boost!

  2. So glad I came across your post! I’m planning on getting eyelash extensions for my wedding and honeymoon this summer. Thanks for the tip about activity restrictions, I never would have known!

    1. Czerina says:

      Congratulations on getting married soon! And yes, I hope this post came in handy! ?

  3. This is exactly why I talked myself out of getting them! The time commitment is just like fake nails…I can’t do it and then they look terrible and you end up damaging what you do have. In the long run the cons outweigh the pros for me!

    1. Czerina says:

      Thank you for your input! I definitely see both ways and maybe one day I’ll lean that way too!

  4. They sound amazing! I would love to get them, as my lashes are “barely there.” The only thing I’m not sure about is the upkeep! UGH! That is my downfall. I hate spending time at the salon! Great review — thanks so much!

  5. Emily says:

    Very informative! I have been thinking about getting eyelash extensions for a while and this article gave me some insight.

    1. Czerina says:

      I am glad I could help! Definitely do some research about what salons you have the area and if they are reputable. ?

  6. Thank you so much for an honest assessment! I go back and forth with thinking about getting eyelash extensions, but the cons you outlined are the reasons I haven’t done it yet (or might not ever). I appreciate your candor.

    1. Czerina says:

      Thank you for your thoughts! I love them but I can definitely see both sides for anyone!

  7. Great read! I had eyelash extensions for a year or so and recently gave them up– it just took up too much time and money to maintain them. I switch to an eyelash serum, it’s helped a little but I still miss my gorgeous fake ones.

  8. Okay yes!!!! I’ve always thought about it but just never had the guts! This is SO helpful to know, esp on the upkeep. And Better Than Sex mascara is my absolute fave!! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I’m so glad that you actually shared the cons of eyelash extensions – I’ve been thinking of getting them and its so nice to read a true opinion of the good and bad!

  10. Im so glad I came across this post, because I’m looking forward to getting eyelash extensions soon. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  11. I loved my eyelash extensions until they started falling out 🙁 I also did not know the activity restriction before I got it done either and am so glad you mentioned it in your post!

  12. Hey there! I went to get lashes put in about a month before my wedding last year and kept going in to have them redone for about 5 months after that. I agree with all your comments, for sure! I have naturally long lashes but they have absolutely no curl to them at all and it was wonderful to have my eyes look more awake without me having to do much to them! The time/money commitment became too much for me though! Also, I just hated seeing my eyelashes fall out! Thanks for putting this information out there, so that people can make their decisions based on all the facts. 🙂

  13. This is great! I loved it when I had extensions for about 5 months. The horrible thing for me is the pads would be partly inside of my eye, and the bottom of my eye would be completely bloodshot for days, and even a full week! And, yah… Lids were BALD once I decided to get them removed completely. It took about a full month to grow my lashes back. Great suggestions and alternatives to extensions!

  14. I have lash extensions and LOVE them. I love not having to wear mascara.

  15. Thanks for your honesty! I’m so lucky I don’t need eyelashes, I actually got them pretty long. But I’m constantly getting asked by friends starting to do this & ask to do it for FREE for practice and what not and OMG I think I love my lashes enough to not risk it. I’ll have to find a nice way to reject…

  16. totally agree! I just gave my extensions up and save so much money!

  17. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! Always something I think about getting and these are some great tips!

  18. I like how you mentioned that getting eyelash extensions helps decrease the amount of time it takes to do your makeup. I have really long lashes, but the tips are blonde. Because of this, I’ve been thinking of getting lash extensions. I’ll keep this great article in mind as I continue to research lash extensions.

    1. Czerina says:

      I am so glad you liked it! I love my extensions but they aren’t for everyone. Whatever you decide, it needs to be right for you. <#

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